A Note From Cyprus – Life In Kedares

My penpal David lives in Cyprus and I do look forward to his emails and letter. David has beenwithout the internet for some time now but has managed to get to a computer to let us know what he is up to.

Hi Sara
I have borrowed a friends computer with broadband (fast isnt it) so have the chance to send you a little message regarding my latest happenings.
The move to Kedares went well and the cats and I are now happily settled in our new house. Not as big as the house in Tsada but still with two bedrooms and a large yard where I can park the car off the road. I have two flower beds where I have planted tomatoes which have already given me at least 25 kilos of fruit and they are still cropping! My chillies peppers melons and aubergines are all doing well and I hope to have produce well into the autumn.
Kedares is a small village with a coffee shop and restaurant but little else. No shop so I have to go over the hill to Arsos if I need milk or water etc. Various traders come through the village on various days. The vegetable man comes on Wednesday and the cheese man is here on Fridays.
I have no real address so any letters sent to me tend to arrive eventually usually to Leo who runs the coffee shop.
I am off to pick the Shiraz grapes for Nelion winery next week which will be interesting and I hope informative.
I need to get some manure for the land and I am hoping that Neofitys will come with his tractor and do some ploughing for me in the autumn.
I have decided to sell the land in the Troodos. I do not think it will be possible to build houses there and in any event I am being offered land near Kedares which is more fertile and will produce more crops.
The weather here has been very hot with some record temperatues being achieved. Are we being told the full story about global warming!! I rather doubt it. With major fires in Russia and drastic floods in Parkistan it seems that the world is telling us something but are we listening? Any way enough of that.
Well I do hope to get the internet connected very soon so I should be able to ramble on to you all again. I keep up with the happenings on the web site and all the news.
Best regards to you and all farming friends

Having visited this part of Cyprus myself a few years ago it is always interesting to hear about village life. David always gives us a sense of the real Cyprus and I almost feel I’m there!

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