Sandy Get’s Some Hens Who Do A Good Job Of Insect Control

It’s always good to hear from my farmingfriends and Sandy who lives in the US has been in touch about her guinea fowl and naked neck turkens!

Sandy's Hens
Sandy's Hens

Hello Sara,
Well it’s been some time since I’ve checked in with you. We have since removed our guineas to a farm. They had decided to roost on the roof of our house (during ice storms and when hubby caught them and put them in a pen for shelter, they almost killed themselves trying to get out) and on the gutter of our back porch. Oh my the mess they made and the noise. We ended up with 4 our of the original 10. 2 boys 2 girls. One of the boys was quite ruthless to the other. A couple times I thought he was going to kill him. They were interesting to have for a while, but did not do the job on scorpion control that we’d hoped for.

My daughter was renting a house so could not keep her hens, we have them and in the photo is the naked neck, Marie. The rooster has since be carried off by a coyote.

The hens do a great job of insect control. (And snake control too, if you want I’ll send a photo of Marie with the snake she caught and killed and ate.) We have a lot fewer scorpions this year, the hens are constantly scratching an searching. A friend gave me two of the prettiest little BB Red roosters. They decided to roost away from the hens, who we lock up every night. Lost one probably from raccoon. The same friend gave me two little BB Red hens. We get such a kick out them.

Someone dumped dogs out where we live and one chased my little rooster down and killed him. So sad that folks only think of themselves by dumping dogs.

Well Sara, so sorry not to be in touch with you. Life has been well, life. I had started a note to you so long ago and ran across it which prompted me to write this. Hope all is well on your farm. Would love to hear from you. Have a great day.
Shalom Y’all