Duck Treats

I have been sent an email from Jim asking about duck treats,

“Hi Sara, I have a question…we have two runner ducks that were abandoned…we gave them a garden spot to live thinking we only needed to worry about coyotes….my wife was on the way to feed our dogs…and heard a commotion…upon investigation she saw a Mink had our large Runner by the leg and was trying to drag him into a small shed…Linda must have kicked into Mommy mode she ran to them and started bashing the mink with the dog food bowls…and trying to kick him too…he would not let go…she finally hit him enough that he let go and ran off. When I got home about an hour later, went into the garden to check on the ducks on one of the rows, the mink was laying dead…so I guess those dog food bowls did the trick…

Now to bring this long story to a conclusion, I no longer want them to be in the garden, we have about 4 acres we fenced for some small dogs and would like to just let the little Duckies run loose.. none of my dogs will bother them, and in fact I think they will help protect them if nothing else.

We have them in a small enclosed pen while they are convalescing and I am guessing they will be there another 10 or so days…(both are almost back to normal…noisy, strong and confident) I would like to start giving them something great to eat when I pick them up at night to put in their night pen…(a very secure plastic steel cage)…with the idea being they will start looking forward to me coming out and I will be able to get them in at night once and if we give them the run of the place… any ideas on what might be their favorite food….my wife loves them because they eat slugs…she is our night slug hunter…roaming around the yard with her cottage cheese carton in hand looking for the best slugs for the kids…ha ha ha

With regards to treats I give mine shredded lettuce, spinach beet leaves, mealworms,
worms, slugs and snails.

I posted your email query on my free forum here

We have had a long discussion about duck treats and various members find different foodworks for them and their ducks and not others so here is the link so you can have a read.

Here is the list of treats the farmingfriends forum members treat their ducks to:

  • lettuce or cabbage shredded up
  • grass
  • chopped up courgette
  • chopped boiled egg
  • finely sliced cooked pasta – un-salted
  • boiled wet rice – unsalted
  • carrot
  • spinach or spinach beet
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • cooked potato
  • veg needs to be  chopped finely or grated
  • mealworms
  • earthworms
  • another “treat” is to flood a piece of low-lying lawn with a hose pipe until the water is about 1cm deep and they will dabble in this and find food treats thenselves!
  • butter crackers
  • leeks
  • slugs
  • snails
  • peas
  • strawberries
  • pears
  • plums
  • swede
  • sweetcorn
  • grapes

What treats do you give your ducks?

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