Unusual Guinea Fowl Behaviour

I often receive emails asking about the behaviour of guinea fowl.

“Hi! I have just bought 4 several week old guinea fowl- I noticed one looking poorly and it was dead by morning- today I noticed that 2 are jumping from the roost onto the back of the 3rd- it is now looking quite lame and not good at all- I was wondering what and WHY the other 2 would be doing this? They have not been sexed, so I dont know if they are males or females. I havent had guinea fowls before. Hope you can help! Joon”

My response was;

Hi Jane,

Sorry to hear about your guinea fowl dying and then the odd behaviour of the guinea fowl. The males can be aggressive towards each other especially during the breeding season or if the group loses a guinea fowl and they have to re-establish the pecking order. My males tend to jump up and at each other face on and then chase each other and one will grab hold of the other from behind.

It could be that they are also attacking a weaker one, often birds will attack another bird if they sense or can see it has an ailment or isn’t very well.

Hope your guinea fowl are ok and settle down soon for you.

I have a free forum with a section on guinea fowl. http://farmingfriends.com/forums/forum.php?id=6 I have posted your comment here to see if any of the other guinea fowl owners have experienced this.

Kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

Have you come across this unusual behaviour in guinea fowl, if so then please leave a comment.

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