Helping Weak Khaki Campbell Duckling

Jim sent an email asking for some advice about his newly hatched duckling who was very weak.

“hi Sara
Just a quick question, one of the ducklings that has hatched cant seem to stand up, hes flapping his little wings and his legs seem very strong, he wasnt help out of the egg although it did take him just under a day to get completely out, hes had food but mostly keeps his eyes closed until you talk to him.
any ideas of suggestions, even if its stop worrying (which is all im hearing from every one) would help!

I advised Jim to give the duckling some warm sugared water that had been boiled

Lisa, one of the farmingfriends forum members recommended,

Hi Jim,

Saras right, give it some cooled boiled sugar water on a cotton bud,if it wont take it then drip it on the end of its beak , it will soon drink it and will give it some energy, when did they hatch? i has one that was week for a day or so,good luck with your little one, Lisax

Then Mama suggested,

Hi Sara, I did the same with my Gosling with a syringe dripped onto its beak and a bit of hard boiled egg yolk soon after. Hope the little one does well. Regards Mama .

Sarah advised,

I gave water in a dropper and very wet chick crumb, whilst mine was still in its shell – as it was exhausted. The sugar will give it a bit of energy. Hope hes really perked up by the morning.

I was delighted when Jim emailed to say,

“hi sara, thank you soooo much for your help! in the end i just gave him some mashed yolk from one of my chickens, still wasn’t very strong but then once his sibling hatched out early this morning he perked right up and is running around happy as larry!
Jim, GLad and Barney”

Here is a photo Jim sent of the two ducklings.

Thanks for sending this photo Jim, glad there was a happy ending.

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