Advice About Incubating Chukar Partridge Eggs

I have been asked for advice about incubating chukar partridge eggs.

Hi all, I am new at this forum and almost as new with raising Chukar partridges. I live in Australia and we dont have alot of info or support with regards to getting Chukar out and about! Hope someone can help
Have 6 pairs of adults have been incubating the eggs for the past few months in a Brinsea fully automatic incubator and then transferring them into a manual tray incubator at day 19. Have altered the temp and humidity so many times, each batch gets 99.5F and different humidity %. Using a dry bulb thermometer. Nothing is yielding good success. We started off with temp at about 99.5F and humidity at 50%. Then kept temp the same and bumped up humidity we are now at 65% for the first 19 days and last 3 its over 70%. Poor success rates and not one has pipped and hatched on their own. They seem to still grow too big for the egg so cant break out of the shell. They also get stuck from the ‘stuff’ in the egg and we end up helping to peel away the shell, sometimes they bleed a bit. Those that we help generally survive and thrive, but its such a hard distressing thing to do and to watch them suffer.
Can anyone give me any advice everything i read conflicts everything else. What am i doing wrong?

Cheers Tania

Hi Tania,
Welcome to the farmingfriends forum.

I have not hatched partridges and only raised one partridge from a few days old when my fatherinlaw found the partridge chick in the farm yard and no sign of the mother.
Here is a link to reasons why they don’t hatch on own
Reasons for pipped eggs but not hatching
Here’s the info about hatching that I have on incubating chukar eggs

Incubation Period – The incubation period for chukar partridge eggs is 23-24 days.

Incubation Temperature – The temperature in the incubator for chukar partridge eggs is 99.5 degrees fahrenheit.

Humidity Levels – The humidity level (wet bulb thermometer) for chukar partridge eggs is 80-88 degrees fahrenheit.

Final Day Of Egg Rotation – The final day of egg rotation for chukar partridge eggs is day 21.

I have a book Modern Partridge farming and I will see if there is any info in this about chukar partridges.

Do you place water in the incubator throughout the incubation period?

Hope we can help you get your hatching rates to improve. I will do some research in the next few days.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

If you have any advice for Tania about hatching chukar partridge eggs then please leave a comment below or alternatively leave a comment on the forum discussion about incubating chukar partridge eggs.

Here is a book about Modern Partridge Farming:

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