Saddleback Piglets Born

I have received an email from my friends Gregg and Belinda who got their saddleback pigs from me over a year ago. Two of their three saddleback sows have just had piglets.

Good news. Last night/ this morning one of our sows farrowed…giving us seven healthy piglets. Maggie is due to farrow some time today…she’s got milk. The other one will farrow in a week or so. We are planning to keep at least one of  the gilts for breeding. Thanks so much for helping us in getting started.

Here is Holly and her seven piglets.

Holly the saddleback sow and her seven piglets.
Holly the saddleback sow and her seven piglets.

Gregg emailed today to say that Maggie has now farrowed.

All is going well although Maggie has been a little unwell during the farrowing but is beginning to eat and drink.

Maggie the saddleback sow and her piglets.
Maggie the saddleback sow and her piglets.

LG is the third sow and she is due to farrow in the next few weeks.

I am hoping to go and see the piglets very soon.

A useful book for a new pig keeper and breeder is the book Starting With Pigs by Andy Case or the The Virgin Pig Keeper by David Brown.

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