12 Egg Poultry Incubator For Sale

Just wanted to let you know that farmingfriends has now added the 12 egg poultry incubator to the farmingfriends shop.


There is a lower basin within the incubator to hold the  water to control the humidity and the temperature control is fully automatic and contolled by a thermostat. The incubator also has a thermometer attached to read temperature inside the incubator. The light stays on while heating up to 100 deg F. After that the light bulb will flash.  Approximate capacity for the incubator is 12 hen eggs, 6 duck eggs, 4 – 6 turkey or goose, 20+  quail or partridge eggs & 15+ guinea fowl or pheasant eggs.

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Some useful books when starting out with incubating and hatching poultry eggs include Incubation At Home By Michael Roberts and Incubation: A Guide To Hatching And Rearing By Katie Thear.

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