Duck With a Limp

I am often asked about what may have caused a duck to limp.

It can be quite common for a duck to have a limp, as quite a few of the members on the farmingfriends duck forum have had a duck with a limp.

Reasons for a duck limping:

  • It can sometimes be due to a knock,
  • broken leg,
  • the drake being overzealous,
  • a bee or wasp sting,
  • standing on something sharp which can lead to bumblefoot or calluses on foot,
  • sometimes¬† a limp can be a sign of worms.

Give the duck plenty of rest, you may have to keep your ducks in for a day so she can recooperate or you may have to separate her from the other ducks.

Check leg and foot for any signs of a break, damage, calluses or lumps.

Does her leg or foot feel hot if so this could be a sign of infection.

Keep an eye on her drinking and eating habits. You could also check her droppings for signs of worms.

If concerned about your duck then you could take your duck to the vet.

If you keep ducks or are interested in keeping ducks then check out the books shown above about keeping ducks which are informative and excellent for the beginner and a handy reference for the more experienced duck keeper.

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