How to Keep Poultry Drinkers and Waterfowl Ponds From Freezing

With the recent Wintery weather in the UK and other countries suffering with snow, frosts and minus temperatures, there has been alot of debate about how to keep poultry drinkers and waterfowl ponds from freezing and keeping your poultry supplied with fresh water.

Looking for advice – we are in the north so we do get freezing temperatures. Obviously we can’t keep the wading pool open for our Khaki Campell’s and I am on my third solution for keeping them supplied with fresh water (I have 6 ducks) that doesn’t freeze. I would love to hear how others have solved this problem! Barbara

Here are some suggestions and solutions.

  • Take out buckets of hot water in the mornings and give them bowls/pools of lukewarm water. A washing up bowl or two would suffice for a while. They love the warmish water and take it in turns to bathe. We have been doing this twice a day during the very cold conditions. (Suggested by Sarah on the farmingfriends forum.)
  • Us a child’s old paddling pool or sandpit as an alternative to your pond,. If it freezes then you can tip hot water on top then smash and remove the ice. (Suggested by Mo on the farmingfriends forum.)
  • In some countries you can get special heaters (called a float heater) to place in the water, ponds and drinking troughs.
  • Keep a heat lamp above a metal drinker (the kind of heater used for chicks) and the water will not freeze. Please be aware of the fire risks with a heat lamp and make sure it is positioned high enough above so that any straw or wood (ie hut) doesn’t get hot and catch fire. (Suggested by Dorise on the farmingfriends forum.)
  • Use strong toughened plastic tubs that won’t crack when frozen or if you pour hot water onto them. (Suggested by Jonathan from the farmingfriends forum.) Jonathan suggests checking out your local feed-n-seed [Example:—Black—15-Gallon-pr-307864.html].

Do you have any tips or solutions for keeping Poultry Drinkers and Waterfowl Ponds From Freezing, if so then let us know by leaving a comment or alternatively you can read and join the debate about this issue on the farmingfriends forum here

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