Quail Flying

Quail keepers sometimes find that their quail will fly upwards and injure themselves or can fly out of a pen if the pen doesn’t have adequate roofing or even escape via the door of a hut.

Quail will demonstrate a vertical flight movement. This vertical flight can occur when quail are:

  • frightened or
  • startled by a noise, predator, human or intense light.

The quail demonstrate an upward flight movement which can injure or sometimes lead to death of the birds as they can hit their heads on the roof of the hut.

My problem is that i have been losing a couple of quails recently from them jumping out of the cage and flying free. I wanted to know is it worth clipping their wings? can you even clip quails wings? and if you can clip them, do i do both wings or just one so they lose balance when trying to take off?

You can use netting over the top of a run or in the roof of a hut to stop the quail escaping or inhuring their heads if they do fly upwards. You can get this from various places. Look under pen netting for partridges as this a cheap way of buying it.

If you clip the wings it is advisable to only do one wing however you need to consider that quail can do panic flights and if unbalanced may damage themselves.

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