The Best Of Farming Friends 2010

As we welcome in the new year I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back over the website articles and pick out some of the best.

But before I give you my favourites, I’d just like to wish all the farmingfriends visitors, readers and customers a very prosperous New Year.

The farmingfriends website and  farmingfriends forum has now built up a worldwide community of farmers, smallholders and poultry/waterfowl keepers and I thank you for all your comments, photos, videos and letters sent in over the past year.

Our Favourites…

Farmingfriends forum

I set up the forum to develop a community of like minded people who could chat about their animals and ask questions and seek advice. The forum is very busy with smallholders, farmers and animal keepers from all over the UK as well as from France, Borneo, USA, Malta & Australia. The members keep a range of animals from ducks, geese, quail, guinea fowl, hens, pigs and cows as well as cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. The forum chat discusses all aspects of animal rearing, keeping and breeding and also discusses other topics such as cooking and hobbies. The reason I have mentioned the forum is not only is it a place to chat about your animals or seek advice but it’s also a place to make new friends, so why not join the farmingfriends forum.

Letter’s from David in Cyprus

David lives in Cyprus and he has some land in the Troodos mountains where he has been planting trees and cultivating the land for food. David has sent me 13 letters to date telling me about life in Cyprus. His letters are a wonderful read and will transport you to beautiful Cyprus so that you feel like you have met David’s friends and participated in Cypriot life yourself.

Saddleback Piglets Born

For a few years I have kept some Saddleback sows, Cagney and Lacy, who have had 4 litters each. By the magic of the web, Belinda and Gregg who only live a few miles away, stumbled across the farmingfriends website in their search for Saddleback weaners. They bought six weaners from me over a year ago and these pigs are now having their own piglets.

Coccidiosis in chickens

Coccidiosis is a common disease of poultry which affects the digestive tract and is primarily found in chickens, turkeys and game birds. Read this article to find out some of the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of coccidiosis.

Candling eggs

Read about candling eggs – how to candle, when to candle and candling results.

Incubating duck eggs

Read about the facts of incubating duck eggs – the Incubation Period, Incubation Temperature, Humidity Levels & the Final Day Of Egg Rotation.

Incubating guinea fowl eggs

I am often asked about incubating guinea fowl eggs, which from experience is not an easy thing to do. So read the article to learn about the incubation facts for incubating guinea fowl eggs.

Signs of a farrowing sow or gilt

I am often asked about how to tell when a sow or gilt is about to farrow, so read the article for the signs to look out for.

Pickled Beetroot Recipe

The pickled beetroot recipe is very popular with readers of the farmingfriends website and my husband.  Sometimes we don’t even get the pickled beetroot into bootles before we have eaten it, it’s that popular in our house, so go on grow some beetroot and then pickle some!

How to Grow Onions Instruction card

I have collaborated with Topveg to create a set of vegetable and herb growing cards. The most popular growing card for 2010 was the how to grow onions instruction card.

If there is something you would like to contribute to the farmingfriends website or forum then we would love to hear from you so just leave a comment.