Will Concrete Flooring Or 1/2″ Chicken Mesh Hurt Ducks Feet?

I have been asked if concrete flooring or 1/2″ chicken mesh will hurt ducks feet.

I live in an area with alot of raccoons….and due to lack of forage, have to move the duck pen around alot….Will it hurt them to walk on 1/2″chicken mesh and concrete??

I know that concrete can give them sore feet if they are walking on it all the time, but not sure about the wire mesh, although I wouldn’t have thought it would be comfortable for them and could damage their feet. I don’t like the thought of standing on wire and I often worry about my ducks running around on the concrete farmyard and all the gravel but we do have plenty of grass as well for them to walk on.  I am sure that straw on the top of the concrete and wire would soften where they walk.

Concrete flooring or wire mesh flooring are sometimes used when predation is a problem. Pens and housing can often have a wire bottom on them so that predators like raccoons and rats can’t burrow under and get the ducks or poultry or any sort.

My quail aviary sits on concrete so that I don’t get the rat problem but you can’t see the concrete slabs for straw.
I used to have bottom less pens for my hens and guinea fowl when I first got poultry and had to brick round to stop the rats digging under the sides and into the pen to eat the poultry feed or steal the eggs.

So a wire mesh floor on the hut would have helped to prevent this and their droppings would still get through the mesh and they would still be able to nibble at the grass!

We have had a great debate about this issue on the farmingfriends forum.

One member fo the farmingfriends forum – Yanky says,

Hi Sara I have mesh on part of the guinea fowl area but we laid it then covered it over with turf then straw. It works!

Click on this link to read the debate about whether concrete and 1/2″ chicken mesh hurt ducks feet?

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