Wall Or Fence Mounted Chicken Coop By Oakdene Coops

The New Way To Keep Chickens From Oakdene Coops!
Oakdene Coops are renowned for their well designed, British made chicken

Fence Coop by Oakdene Coops
Fence Coop by Oakdene Coops

Their latest chicken coop mounts onto a fence, garden wall or even a
tree! This new concept of keeping chickens has many advantages over using a
conventional chicken coop. This chicken coop takes up virtually no room in
your garden because its mounted four feet in the air! This makes it perfect for
medium to small gardens.
Cleaning out the chicken coop is simple, the floor is wire mesh, this means that most of the dropping will drop straight though it but the chickens won’t!. The roof, perch and nesting box are made from recycled plastic, giving a great life span and providing an easy to clean surface.
The chickens will put themselves away in the evening by using the fox
resistant ladder, all you have to do is slide the door shut.
The Chicken Coop is raised four feet from the ground, making egg collection
easy. This also helps prevent rodents, and the solid recycled plastic perch is
removable to help prevent red mite problems!
‘The Brockham’ is available from Oakdene Coops for £240 including nationwide delivery (assembled and painted).
Oakdene Coops
‘The Brockham’ is a registered design.