How Long Do Guinea Fowl Live For?

I have been asked how long do guinea fowl live for?

The lifespan of a guinea fowl is approximately 10 to 15 years although they can live beyond this.

I have had guinea fowl on the farm that are 7 years old.

Guinea fowl are social birds who like to live in groups. Unlike chickens and cockerels, more than one guinea fowl male can live together quite harmoniously with a group of female guinea fowl.

Guinea fowl males and females do tend to pair off and mate for life but they are happy to live in larger groups, especially if they have been hatched off and or reared together from a young age.

The only time male guinea fowl get competitive with each other is during the mating season when they are trying to be the top male and to court the female guinea fowl at the start of Spring. You will often see male guinea fowl chasing after each other but they are not as aggressive as cockerels and as I said are happy to live together in a group.

Other factors that can affect how long guinea fowl live include how they are raised from keets, how they are kept – the amount of space they have to free range, what they are fed, the gene pool and protection from predators.

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I love to hear from other guinea fowl owners, so how long have your guinea fowl lived for?