Gardening Resources

For all you budding gardeners out there we have some resources you may find useful.

How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook

How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook





At a cost of only £4.00 the How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook will provide you with information about:

    • how to grow herbs,
    • sizes of herbs,
    • growing herbs in containers,
    • when to plant the herbs,
    • best location for planting,
    • suitable soil types,
    • when to harvest,
    • how to preserve herbs and
    • their culinary uses.

The How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook also includes a set of 21 herb growing cards which can be individually printed off and taken into the garden for easy reference.

How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook






The eBook includes the following herb growing cards:

  • How To Grow Basil.
  • How To Grow Bay.
  • How To Grow Borage.
  • How To Grow Chervil.
  • How To Grow Chives.
  • How To Grow Coriander.
  • How To Grow Cress.
  • How To Grow Dill.
  • How To Grow Fennel.
  • How To Grow Florence Fennel.
  • How To Grow Horseradish.
  • How To Grow Lemon Balm.
  • How To Grow Marjoram
  • How To Grow Mint.
  • How To Grow Nasturtium.
  • How To Grow Oregano.
  • How To Grow Parsley.
  • How To Grow Rosemary.
  • How To Grow Sage.
  • How To Grow Tarragon.
  • How To Grow Thyme.

How to Grow Vegetables – A selection of Grow Cards

Sally over at TopVeg and I have created a series of grow cards with handy hints and tips on when and how to grow various vegetables. The grow cards can easily be downloaded and printed for easy reference in the veg garden.

How To Grow Beetroot Growing Card

Free Vegetable Growing Cards To Download

The Growing Cards include:

Farming Friends & TopVeg have collaborated to create the vegetable grow cards and the herb growing eBook.

The TopVeg website always provide excellent seed sowing information and is full of brilliant gardening tips, so visit TopVeg today for lots of top gardening tips.