How To Incubate Hen Eggs In An Incubator Without An Automatic Egg Turner

Here is a set of instructions for how to incubate hen eggs in an incubator without an automatic egg turner.

  1. Collect 6 to 12 fertile hen eggs. Store with the pointed end of egg facing down.
  2. Plug in the incubator the day before adding eggs to make sure it is working.
  3. Add water to the bottom tray so that it’s at the correct temperature to help create the correct humidity.
  4. When adding eggs to the incubator place a cross on one side of the eggs so that when you are turning the eggs yourself, you can see how far to turn them.Hen Eggs In Incubator
  5. Turn the eggs twice a day.
  6. Stop turning the eggs 3 days before the eggs are due to hatch. Hen eggs take approximately 21 days, so stop turning on day 18.
  7. On day 18 fill up the water tray at the bottom of the incubator, always add warm water so that the temperature and humidity of the incubator doesn’t drop too much.
  8. Watch for eggs pipping (getting a crack in them) as this could happen before the hatching due date, but definitely around day 21.

    Eggs Pipping
    Eggs Pipping
  9. Once the eggs start pipping, let the chicks hatch out fully and dry off for 24 hours in the incubator. The chicks will be ok for 24 hours without food and water as they absorb their yolk sac which gives them nutrients to survive for the first 24 hours.

    Newly Hatched Chick In Incubator
    Newly Hatched Chick In Incubator
  10. Get your brooder ready with heat, water and chick crumbs and a flooring that prevents the chicks from slipping and getting splayed feet.

    Chicks In Brooder
    Chicks In Brooder
  11. After 24 hours move the hatched chicks to a brooder.

Here is a pdf of how to incubate hen eggs. Click on this link to view pdf how to incubate hen eggs pdf

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