What Age Do Cockerels Start Crowing

The age a cockerel will first crow can vary, but they can start crowing at about four or five months of age, usually this coincides with them beginning to look like a mature cockerel, when their tail feathers grow and their crown becomes red and prominent.

Young cockerel / rooster
Young cockerel

As I said the age can vary and we have seen this with our recent group of cockerels that we hatched off this Summer.

We hatched off two batches of eggs and got 8 chicks hatched in July and 8 chicks hatched in August. As they have grown we have seen that we have 9 cockerels from the 16.

Right from hatch, one chick was definitely a cockerel and this is Crocky the cockerel pictured above, he started crowing in September, so he was only a few months old, where as some of the other cockerels have been older, which may be due to the breed of chicken or may be due to the number of cockerels in the group. Crocky the cockerel is the top cockerel and sometimes the other cockerels are not as vocal due to the dominance of Crocky the cockerel.

So the age that cockerels start to crow is generally 4 to 5 months of age, but can be as early as 2 months or as late as 8 to 9 months.

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