Are Farm Cats Healthy Or Prone To Illness

I was asked by Tim @ Field Day if farm cats are healthy or prone to illness.

Everyone at work tells me off for talking about my cats so much – but it sounds like you’re every bit as much a cat lover as me! I always thought that farm cats tended to be healthy because they were tough – someone recently said they can be more prone to ills, however, because they’re often exposed to all sorts of viruses at a very young age. Any thoughts?
Tim Relf

Tim poses an interesting question which needs some research but my initial thoughts are that farm cats may have weakened immune systems if their parents and themselves have not been properly vaccinated. Farm cats may also be more exposed to a range of illnesses as they are free to roam and therefore may come across more germs and bacteria.

However from my experiences I have found my farm cats to be quite resilient and if they are poorly a bowl of milk or the even more popular, bowl of tuna fish tends to sort them out.

What are your experiences with farm cats?