Cattle Ear Tags

                                           By law all cattle in this country must have 2 ear tags.  Each animal must have 2 tags in case they lose one of them. The tags have a number which consists of 2 parts. The tag has a herd number on it which identifies the animal’s place of birth. The second number on the tag identifies … Read more Cattle Ear Tags

The Farming Year – January

January’s jobs on a cattle and arable farm can include; Harvesting sugar beet. Winter ploughing. Testing soil for nutrients. Selling surplus grain. Cleaning out cattle sheds. Muck spreading. Bedding up cattle once a day. Feeding cattle twice daily. Milling and mixing animal feed. Disbudding (dehorning) calves. Calving cows. Feeding poultry twice a day. Letting poultry … Read more The Farming Year – January

Can You Eat Guinea Fowl Eggs?

Can you eat guinea fowl eggs? Yes is the answer and they are “eggstremely” tasty – my opinion! Did you know? Roughly 2 guinea fowl eggs = 1 large chicken egg. Guinea eggs are brown. The shells are very hard! In the laying season, guinea hens lay daily.                       No Tags

Guinea Fowl Do Not Like Snow – They Think It’s Foul!!

December 2005 –  I had a bit of a problem today when I tried to put the guinea fowl back in their huts. They do not like to stand and walk in the snow which has arrived just a little late to make it a white Christmas. Typical! This snow was going to be a big problem to me … Read more Guinea Fowl Do Not Like Snow – They Think It’s Foul!!

Limousin Cattle

  French breed. Beef cattle. Gingery, red in colour. Have horns. Lighter build than the Charolais breed. Can have a flighty temperament. Limousin calves are often quick to stand after birth. No Tags

White Leghorn Chickens

  A light breed. Originally exported from the Italian port of Leghorn. Good egg layers. Lay white eggs. Not recommended for their meat. At maturity they weigh approximately 1.5/2kg. Female leghorns have a folded single comb. Female leghorns can mix with Guinea Fowl. HattyHatty

Guinea Fowl Chicks

Guinea fowl chicks are called keets. They are born with their eyes open.                           Their bodies are covered in down when they are first born.  Keets can drink and feed themselves without trouble after 24 hours. They eat crushed up chick crumbs for the first 6 weeks. Keep the keets in a brooder with a temperature … Read more Guinea Fowl Chicks