Badgers In Garden

This morning at 2am I was awoken to the sound of caterwauling which I thought was my cats fighting. My beloved Stripe the cat seems to be slightly injured at the moment and doesn’t get on with the dominant male Fluffy (maybe Fluffy is so dominant to counter act his name but let me tell you he does live uo to his name as he is just a ball of fluff!) I thought it might be Stripe and Fluffy fighting so I headed out to the garden in my pyjamas, dressing gown and wellies, what a sight eh?! 

When I went out to investigate I found 2 badgers fighting. I have never seen real badgers before up so close and despite me putting the flash light on them they did not stop fighting. I kept back but kept the torch light on them and then cried out to try to stop the badgers fighting. The badgers did stop and looked at me and then they ran off up the lane. Once up the lane they then headed across the ditch and into our paddock. I dashed back across the garden and orchard and shone the torch into the paddock to see the badgers fighting again. I didn’t want them to frighten my poultry and the poultry huts are close by so I made a noise and then the badgers ran off up the hedgerow.

I didn’t know whether they were males (called boars) and fighting because one boar had come into another boars territory.

Does anyone know about badger behaviour and why they fight?