Calving Cows

There are certain signs to look out for when a cow is near to calving.


A few days before.

  • Bagging up – the udder begins to fill with milk.
  • The bottom muscles relax.

About a day before.

  • Tendons on tail head relax.

Up to four hours before.

  • Sniff ground.
  • Move round in circles.
  • Become restless – stand up and sit down alot.
  • Tail lifts up slightly.

From this point onwards the cow may become aggressive.

  • The sacs appear.
  • The feet of the calf appear – hopefully the front feet.

If the calf is not correctly positioned, then the farmer or vet will need to assist the birth.

If the calf is laid correctly.

  • The head appears.
  • Calf born.

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