Fodder Beet

We grow fodder beet here on the farm as a feed for the cattle. Fodder beet is a similar plant to the more commonly seen sugar beet plant.  The sugar content is lower, but the yield per acre is typically somewhat higher.  Sugar beet growers may typically expect to grow between 20 and 30 tonnes … Read more Fodder Beet

Potato Varieties Grown On The Farm

There are many varieties of potatoes which are grown for different reasons. Soilman asked, “What varieties do you grow?” The potato varieties we have grown on the farm over the years are: Hermes – these potatoes have been grown for a merchant that sells the potatoes for crisping. King Edward – these potatoes have been sold to the public for … Read more Potato Varieties Grown On The Farm

Wheat Harvest Finished

  The wheat has been successfully harvested this year and the grain is safely stored in the new grain store. It has been reported that the yields are down nationally, but our wheat yields are reasonable this year, although there is a problem with the straw staying green. Arable Crops Grain Shed Grain store Harvest WheatArable Crops, Grain … Read more Wheat Harvest Finished