Harvest Update

Harvest on the farm is now progressing rapidly after a slow start.  The initial problems have been travelling with the combine, which has been sinking in the saturated soil.  The solution to this problem has been to source a set of flotation ‘terra’ tyres and fit them to the combine.  Terra tyres have been trading … Read more

The Combine Harvester

  Our combine harvester is working very hard at the moment. It has been harvesting; oilseed rape / canola, barley, and will soon be harvesting wheat. When the combine harvester leaves the farm yard I am always reminded of the Combine Harvester Song by The Wurzels. Arable Crops Barley Canola Combine Harvester Farm Machinery Harvest … Read more

Oilseed Rape Harvest In The Rain

The Harvest The oilseed rape became ripe earlier in the week and on Tuesday the sun broke through the clouds and we were able to begin harvesting the crop. Unfortunately all the heavy rain over the past few weeks has meant that the soil is so waterlogged that the combine harvester is unable to travel … Read more

Oilseed Rape Harvest

The oilseed rape harvest is approaching here on the farm. Normally the crop is ‘swathed’. This is where a machine cuts the crop and lays it back down on the ground in rows with the seed pods intact. The rape is swathed approximately 2 weeks before the combine harvester comes along and picks up the … Read more

Silage Making Time

  The farmers on our farm are busy silage making at the moment. On Sunday the field of grass was cut and left to wilt in the field. Today (Wednesday) the grass was baled and then collected from the field and wrapped in the farm yard so that the grass can become silage. When I arrived … Read more

The Potato Crisp – From Farm to Packet

What Are Potato Crisps? Potato crisps are a snack made from potatoes. The potatoes are peeled, washed, sliced and then fried in vegetable oil before they become potato crisps. The Journey From Seed Potato To Potato Crisp Field Preparation – The fields are prepared for potato planting. They are ploughed and then fertiliser is applied. Then … Read more

Planting Potatoes

March and April is always potato planting time on our farm. We normally finish planting the seed potatoes by Good Friday so that my husband can participate in the Good Friday tradition in our area – watching the rugby in our local town. Planting Seed Potatoes Planting Seed Potatoes Planting Seed Potatoes This year the … Read more

What Do Plants And Crops Need To Grow?

Plants and crops are living organisms. Crops are specific plants that are grown in a vegetable patch, allotment or field. Plants and crops need certain conditions in order to grow. What Do Plants And Crops Need To Grow? Sunlight Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Water (H2O) Nutrients Correct Temperature Plants and crops absorb water (H2O) through their roots. … Read more


  Potatoes are mainly grown for human consumption. Potatoes are now part of the British staple diet. The market price of potatoes fluctuates according to supply and demand. Potatoes are put in storage to meet the demand for year round potatoes. They are susceptible to frost and must be stored in insulated buildings to keep … Read more


Barley is a cereal crop. It is a strain of grass that is cultivated and harvested for it’s grain. There are many different varieties of barley, some are sown in the Spring and some in the Autumn. Spring sown barley is known as Spring barley and is harvested in early August. Autumn sown barley is known … Read more