Incubating, Hatching And Raising Guinea Fowl Keets eBook For Sale

Want to know the secrets of raising guinea fowl successfully? ‘Incubating, Hatching & Raising Guinea Fowl Keets‘ will tell you everything you need to know! —————————————————————————————————————————————- We will send this eBook manually by email. Buy now for only £4.99 —————————————————————————————————————————————- Is Incubating, Hatching And Raising Guinea Fowl Keets eBook for you?  Yes, if you: want … Read more

Beef Casserole

My husband bought me Gordon Ramsay’s Sunday Lunch cookery book recently.       The book is full of great recipes and whole menus for the Sunday lunch so I decided to prepare Gordon’s beef casserole with the diced beef that I had bought from our local butcher. I adapted his recipe slightly as I … Read more

Famine In The West – Buy The EBook Now

I recently read and reviewed the ebook entitled Famine In The West by John Gossop. This intelligent, easy to read, yet thought provoking book grabbed my attention and made me sit up and think about global environmental issues relating to politics, farming and the way I live my life. I am pleased so say that this excellent book has … Read more