Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains?

Where Do Butterflies Go When it Rains? When it rains butterflies roost; In garden buildings. On or in tree trunks. On the underside of leaves. Under dense leaves. In crevices in walls. In crevices in between rocks. Under the overhang of houses. Hanging on bushes and shrubs. Under rocks. In garages. These are the same … Read more

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Latin Name: Aglais urticae Description:  The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly is bright orange with a black border and blue spots around the edge of the wings. The forewing has 3 rectangular black patches and the hindwings have black on them aswell. The underside of the wings are a black and brown colouring with a row of faint … Read more

Small White / Cabbage White Butterfly

Latin Name: Pieris rapae Description:  The Small White butterfly has white wings. The upperside of the wing has one black or grey spot on it’s forewing for the male and two for the female. There is also a black or grey patch on the tip of the forewing. Size: The wingspan on the Small White is approximately … Read more

What Is A Butterfly?

  A butterfly is an insect. They have 6 legs. Butterflies have 3 body parts. These insects have 2 antennae. Butterflies have overlapping scales on their wings. They are coldblooded. Butterflies begin their life as an egg which hatches into a caterpillar. The caterpillar then produces a chrysalis (pupa) which then transforms into the butterfly. … Read more

Wall Brown Butterfly

Latin Name: Lasiommata megera Description: The Wall Brown butterfly has orange wings with a brown border and brown markings on the wing. Near the tip of the forewings the Wall Brown has a prominent eye spot with an arc of 3 or 4 eye spots on the hindwing. The underside of the wing is a brown … Read more