Snowy The Cat’s Adventure

Well Snowy the cat has had an adventure, not only has she visited a neighbours farm and had a holiday away from us here but she’s had a ride on a trailer full of straw bales! On Thursday 18th February 2010, hubby drove atrailer load of straw bales through our village to a neighbours farm … Read more

Darwin’s Theories – Demonstrated By Jimmy Doherty

I was very interested to watch Jimmy Doherty In Darwin’s Garden programme talking about Darwin’s Theory about how the presence of cats can increase the amount of red clover. One of Darwin’s theories stated that the presence of cats could increase the amount of red clover as cats can scare away or eat field mice that raid bumble bee’s nests … Read more

Cats Have A Third Eyelid

Cats have a third eyelid in the inner corner of each eye that acts as a protective screen in case the eye gets damaged. Yesterday I noticed that Stripe’s third eyelid was showing more than usual. I have had a look in my book about cat’s and it says that the third eyelid becomes visible … Read more

Cat Glossary

Cat Definitions Carnivore – An animal that eats other animals. Cat – A small carnivorous mammal. Deworm – To treat a cat to remove and prevent worms. Feline – A cat or another animal in the cat family. Grooming – To comb and clean the fur a cat. Kitten – A young cat. Litter Box … Read more