Guest Appearance – Cow Watching By Paula

Locks Park Farm is a small organic farm in Devon, with sheep and beef cattle. Paula farms Locks Park Farm with her family and also writes very interesting, informative and entertaining posts all about life on her farm which I thoroughly enjoy reading. I am thrilled that Paula decided to appear on my guest appearance spot. Read this fascinating account of … Read more Guest Appearance – Cow Watching By Paula

Cattle News

On Wednesday the cattle that have spent the Summer at the Ings were moved back to our farm. The day was spent moving the cattle in the livestock trailer into our back field. The grass has grown in the back field since the calves from last season were brought in for the Winter so the … Read more Cattle News

What Is Bluetongue?

In September bluetongue was detected in British livestock but what is blue tongue? “Bluetongue is a disease of animals affecting all ruminants, including sheep, cattle, deer, goats and camelids (camels, llamas, alpacas, guanaco and vicuña). It does not affect horses. Although sheep are most severely affected, cattle are the main mammalian reservoir of the virus…… … Read more What Is Bluetongue?