Calf Born

Calving of our beef cattle herd normally occurs during February and March, however in 2006 we introduced a new bull who was quite young. It took some time for our cows to get in calf and the result has been calves being born throughout the year. Our reliable Charolais bull had to be replaced as … Read more

Cattle News

On Wednesday the cattle that have spent the Summer at the Ings were moved back to our farm. The day was spent moving the cattle in the livestock trailer into our back field. The grass has grown in the back field since the calves from last season were brought in for the Winter so the … Read more

Photo Hunt: Theme Smelly

The photo hunt smelly theme is easy for a farmer’s wife. Here is the cattle manure in the fold yard. I can tell you when it comes to mucking out, it’s a very smelly job! Click on this link if you want to find out about mucking out. If you would like to join Photo Hunters … Read more

Signs Of Bluetongue In Cattle

In September bluetongue was detected in British livestock. The signs of bluetongue in cattle are; Nasal discharge. Swelling of the head and neck. Conjunctivitis (runny eyes). Swelling in, and ulcers, of the mouth. Swollen teats. Tiredness. Saliva drooling out of the mouth. Fever. It is possible that cattle will show no signs of illness. Source: … Read more

What Is Bluetongue?

In September bluetongue was detected in British livestock but what is blue tongue? “Bluetongue is a disease of animals affecting all ruminants, including sheep, cattle, deer, goats and camelids (camels, llamas, alpacas, guanaco and vicuña). It does not affect horses. Although sheep are most severely affected, cattle are the main mammalian reservoir of the virus…… … Read more

Cattle Move Indoors

        Earlier in September, the calves that were born last year, moved back indoors into the fold yard for the Winter. The reason for this is because the grass in the paddock and back field had all been eaten and the weather was beginning to turn colder and wetter. Bringing the cattle into the … Read more