Calving Cows

There are certain signs to look out for when a cow is near to calving. A few days before. Bagging up – the udder begins to fill with milk. The bottom muscles relax. About a day before. Tendons on tail head relax. Up to four hours before. Sniff ground. Move round in circles. Become restless … Read more Calving Cows

Blonde D’Aquitaine Cattle

French breed. Beef cattle. Well muscled breed of a similar build to the Limousin. Have short, light blonde hair. Have lighter coloured horns. Have a quiet disposition. Cows generally calve quite easily. Cows weigh approximately 550-750kg. Bulls weigh approximately 800-950kg.

Cattle Ear Tags

                                           By law all cattle in this country must have 2 ear tags.  Each animal must have 2 tags in case they lose one of them. The tags have a number which consists of 2 parts. The tag has a herd number on it which identifies the animal’s place of birth. The second number on the tag identifies … Read more Cattle Ear Tags

Limousin Cattle

  French breed. Beef cattle. Gingery, red in colour. Have horns. Lighter build than the Charolais breed. Can have a flighty temperament. Limousin calves are often quick to stand after birth. No Tags

Cattle and Guinea Fowl Do Not Mix!

Cattle and guinea fowl do not really mix well together. I first realised this last year when my housework was interrupted by an awful lot of squawking. Picture the scene….. Farmer’s wife with feather duster in hand, poised and ready to dust, when suddenly the tranquil calm was disturbed by the machine gunner noise of … Read more Cattle and Guinea Fowl Do Not Mix!

Charolais Cattle

The farm has spent three generations breeding and rearing Charolais cattle.                         Charolais Cattle Originate from France. First imported in the 1960’s. White in colour. Have horns. One of the largest body size. Charolais bulls weighs up to one and a half tonnes. Bred for beef. Charolais cows don’t produce as much milk as other breeds. Fast … Read more Charolais Cattle