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CookIt Cookery Competition For Children April 2010

| April 13, 2010

I have just been reading about the CookIt Cookery competition for children aged 10-14. A final call is going out for junior cooks to send in their entry to the CookIt! cookery competition run by the Guild of Food Writers! The theme for this year’s challenge is “Create a Dream Meal for You and Your [...]

How To Make Scrambled Eggs

| October 10, 2009

This week is  British Egg Week (5th-11th October 2009), so I thought I would share with you how to make scrambled eggs. Use half an ounce of margarine or butter and 1 tablespoon of milk per egg. Crack the eggs (2-4 eggs per person depending on size of eggs and appetite of person!) into a [...]

How To Soft Boil An Egg

| October 9, 2009

It is  British Egg Week (5th-11th October 2009) and did you know that a recent survey found that  17%  of those surveyed struggle to boil an egg. A soft boiled egg has a firm white and runny yolk.  Soft Boiled Eggs can be cooked in a number of ways. You can plunge the eggs (still [...]

Making An Omelette

| October 7, 2009

This week (5th-11th October 2009) is British Egg Week so I though in light of a recent survey that found that a quarter (26%) admitted that they can’t make an omelette. Crack the eggs (2-4) into a bowl and add a little milk and seasoning. Beat the mixture together. Heat some oil in a frying [...]

How To Poach Eggs

| October 6, 2009

As it is British Egg Week (5th-11th October) I thought I would explain how to poach an egg, in the light that a recent survey found that a third (33%) of people surveyed said they found it difficult to poach an egg. Break the eggs carefully into cups, unless using a special poaching pan. Put [...]

Double Yolked Eggs

| June 23, 2009

A double yolked egg is an egg that has two yolks. It is caused by two eggs separating from the ovary at the same time and joining into one egg. Double yolked eggs can be fairly rare. They are sometimes produced by pullets in their first year of laying. Double yolked eggs can be produced [...]

Ready Steady Cook Date Changed

| February 16, 2009

I have just received a phone call from the BBC (well Endemol Productions) to say that the date of my Ready Steady Cook appearance with my Hugo House Quail Eggs has now changed to Wednesday 25th February at 4.30pm on BBC2. I am still feeling  nervous as I haven’t seen the finished show. I do hope that [...]

Apple Jelly

| October 27, 2007

Yesterday I made apple jelly for the first time. I have only made jam once and thatb was not successful! I am pleased tol say that the apple jelly was very successful and Steve said it is, “Wonderful.” Praise indeed! Apple Jelly Recipe Ingredients 4lb cooking apples – diced but not peeled or cored. 2 [...]

Toffee Apples

| October 26, 2007

I have never made toffee apples but as I have an abundance of apples from the orchard, I thought toffee apples would make a good treat for the trick or treaters that will call by on halloween night. Toffee Apple Recipe Ingredients 6 small eating apples. 100g/4oz butter. 225g/8oz granulated sugar 225g/8oz golden syrup. 6 wooden [...]

Classic Pork Sausages From The Blue Pig Company

| October 19, 2007

This week is British Sausage Week so what better way to celebrate than by having our favourite sausages – the classic pork sausage from The Blue Pig Company for lunch. Preparation Cooked in roasting tin for 30 minutes in a hot oven with a little water in the bottom of the tin. Served with mashed potatoes, beans and [...]