Are Duck Eggs Good To Eat?

Duck eggs are great for creating many egg dishes especially as they are larger eggs and have large yolks. Duck eggs are great for: Making lemon curd. Baking cakes. Scrambling. Poaching. Making omelettes. Frying for a cooked breakfast or egg and chips. Making quiches. Hard Boiling for picnics and packed lunches. Soft boiled eggs and soldiers! Making … Read more

Favourite Egg Recipes Book

An excellent book for those who love eating eggs or those of you that have your own chickens and ducks and need new recipes for all your surplus eggs is the Favourite Egg Recipe book. I bought this book at the weekend and we have already tried one of the recipes, duchess eggs which I’d … Read more

Quail Egg Serving Suggestions

Hard boiled quail eggs are a great addition to a number of dishes. Hard boil the quail eggs for 3 minutes. Leave to cool, then peel. Great added to; Sausage Casserole Bolognaise Caesar Salad Kedgeree Cauliflower Cheese Tuna Pasta Bake Prawn Cocktail Boiled Peas Rice Salad If you have any serving suggestions for hard boiled … Read more

Kedgeree With Quail Eggs

Kedgeree is a great way of eating fish and eggs. Ingredients 1 and a half lb or 700g of fish (I like smoked mackeral) 3oz or 75g of butter 1 onion peeled and chopped 8 fl oz of long grain rice 1 pint cold water 1 teaspoon of curry powder 12 quail eggs hard boiled 1 … Read more

Cauliflower Cheese With Bacon And Quail Eggs

Cauliflower cheese is a great way to use up the cauliflower in a tasty and interesting way. Ingredients One cauliflower One leek Equivalent of one pepper (assorted colours) 6 Mushrooms One onion Two rashers of bacon 6-8 quail egg hard boiled Cheese sauce Grated cheese Cauliflower Cheese With Bacon And Quail Eggs Method Cut the … Read more

Quail Eggs With Peas

A great serving suggestion for quail eggs is with garden peas. Boil the quail eggs for 1 and a half to 2 minutes until they are nearly hard boiled with a slightly runny yolk. Peel the eggs and chop into quarters and add to dish of boiled garden peas. This is a tasty alternative to serving peas … Read more