Roasted Courgette And Parmesan Soup – A Reader’s Recipe

I was delighted to receive this fantastic reader’s recipe for Roasted Courgette And Parmesan Soup by Tony from Cambridge. I thought that it sounded so good that I would share it with you all. Hi, roasted courgette and parmesan soup is good. I don’t really have a recipe. Just roast a load of courgettes with … Read more Roasted Courgette And Parmesan Soup – A Reader’s Recipe

Pancake Day

Tuesday was pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) and we decided to have pancakes following the recipe below. Steve also had a go at tossing the pancakes which he did very well.   A Recipe For Pancakes · 4oz / 100g plain flour · pinch of salt · 1 large egg · half pint (300ml) milk · butter / oil 1. Sieve flour … Read more Pancake Day

Hard Boiled Quail’s Egg

A lovely starter or canape at a party is this hard boiled quail’s eggs with beetroot. It is easy to prepare and very tasty. Ingredients Quail’s eggs – hard boiled. Mayonnaise. Whole grain mustard. Beetroot. Method Hard boil the quail’s eggs for 3 minutes and then allow to cool. Peel the shell from the quail’s … Read more Hard Boiled Quail’s Egg