Breaking News – First Guinea Fowl Egg Of The Year

Went to let the hens out this morning and found an egg in the hut where Camilla and Diana live. Don’t know which one laid the egg, but well done girls!                                I was very surprised to find an egg in the hut because although the guinea hens have looked like they might lay … Read more

Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and my husband and I made pancakes for our supper. Shrove Tuesday is sometimes called Pancake Day. In the past Shrove Tuesday was the last opportunity to eat rich food before Lent. Many people made pancakes to use up their eggs, flour, butter and milk before fasting. Fasting is when people abstain … Read more

The 4am Caterwaul!

At first I thought it was part of my dream but the shrill howling and hissing gradually awoke me from my slumber. I clambered out of bed and threw open the curtains to see if I could make out any cats in the lane. I banged on the window and hissed through the glass, “What’s going … Read more

National Chip Week In The UK 2007

National Chip Week has been held this week (12th-18th February 2007) in the UK. Events have included; Trying to set 5 different chip records in the Guiness Book Of Records. 800 chip shops across the country promoting chips. Creating positive press for chips with many articles and adverts being written and shown in magazines and … Read more

Emergency Muck Out

The normal routine of feeding the cattle was disrupted the other morning when my husband went to feed the cattle and was faced with a leaking water trough. The cattle must have knocked the drinking trough and broken the plastic. Water had been gushing out for some time and the fold yard was nearly a wash … Read more

Signs Of Spring On and Around The Farm

Each season brings a different set of sights and sounds with it. There are many signs that tell us that Spring is fast approaching on and around the farm. Lambs in the fields. Snowdrops in flower. Greater varieties of birds appear. Buds start to grow on trees and shrubs. Length of daylight increases. Hens start … Read more

Breaking News – Eggs Found In Hiding Place!

  Hatty laid her first egg of the year on Friday 19th January. To read more about it, click on this link. Up until today I have only collected three eggs. I thought it was a little strange as Hatty normally lays at least one egg every other day. By my reckoning she should have laid … Read more


Take a look at the butterflies I have spotted in my garden, vegetable plot and the hedgerows of our fields during  the Spring and Summer months. The Small White or Cabbage White         The Comma Butterfly                                 The Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly                                     The Peacock Butterfly                                                          The Red Admiral Butterfly                          Click on … Read more

The Runaway Bullock

This was no ordinary Sunday. Harvest Festival was to start at our local church at 6pm and it was the first service I was due to attend. Earlier in the afternoon I had heard lots of shouting and heavy footsteps running across the yard. I didn’t know what all the commotion was about. Then I saw … Read more