Nature Waits For No Man, Not Even A Camera Man! Part 1

It’s the lambing season down our way, so with camera on loan and my husband’s new found film making skills, we thought it was a good time to get a video clip of our neighbour’s ewe’s lambing. A call was made to our sheep farming friend who replied, “Get here quick, we’ve got three ewes … Read more

Fungi – Friend Or Foe?!

Fungi grow in a wide variety of places. Over the last few years I have found them growing all over our farm. In open fields.                           In the hedgerows.                         In the orchard.                           In barns.                                                     In plant containers.                               On fenceposts.                               On trees.                                         Here are some photographs of the fungi I have found.                                    … Read more

Flying High And Glad To Be Alive!

It was late September and a beautifully sunny Saturday morning. I was up very early to feed the animals as I had to be up and off before 8am. Normally I would get a little lie in on a Saturday morning but since this was not the case, I was not feeling as bright and cheerful as the weather. … Read more

The Premature Alien!

Every evening follows the same routine during the quiet farming period. I arrive home around 6.30pm to find the cats on the doorstep ready to be fed. After a quick chat with the three bundles of fur; Snowy, Fluffy and Snowball, I enter the farmhouse kitchen with it’s sloping floor and leaking chimney, to find … Read more

Courgette Explosion!

How many ways can you cook a courgette? No this is not the latest joke but a question that many a Farmer’s wife will ask in their culinary lifetime! Well let me tell you, anymore than one courgette in the vegetable patch, (when positioned correctly!) means you too can answer this question! Our first Summer on the farm … Read more

Cattle and Guinea Fowl Do Not Mix!

Cattle and guinea fowl do not really mix well together. I first realised this last year when my housework was interrupted by an awful lot of squawking. Picture the scene….. Farmer’s wife with feather duster in hand, poised and ready to dust, when suddenly the tranquil calm was disturbed by the machine gunner noise of a … Read more

A Growing Flock

A kind neighbour gave me 3 guinea fowl, a male and 2 females nearly 3 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I named the trio; Charlie, Camilla and Diana. (You can see their pictures on The Guinea Fowl Gallery page.) In the Spring of that first year I collected lots of eggs. My family … Read more