Fungi – Friend Or Foe?!

Fungi grow in a wide variety of places. Over the last few years I have found them growing all over our farm. In open fields.                           In the hedgerows.                         In the orchard.                           In barns.                                                     In plant containers.                               On fenceposts.                               On trees.                                         Here are some photographs of the fungi I have found.                                    … Read more Fungi – Friend Or Foe?!

A Growing Flock

A kind neighbour gave me 3 guinea fowl, a male and 2 females nearly 3 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I named the trio; Charlie, Camilla and Diana. (You can see their pictures on The Guinea Fowl Gallery page.) In the Spring of that first year I collected lots of eggs. My family … Read more A Growing Flock