Sunrise On The Farm

The hubby was up very early on Monday and managed to capture a beautiful sunrise. You can just see the tops of the houses of the village silhouetted in the first photograph and the shapes of the trees looks fabulous. We are very lucky to live on our family farm and see such stunning views … Read more

FarmingFriends Forum Switched Off For A Few Days

We just wanted to let you know that we have had to switch the forum off for a few days as it was getting hit by masses of spam in the background so we are looking at ways to combat this or make changes to the forum, so I will let you know when we … Read more

The Best Of Farming Friends 2010

As we welcome in the new year I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back over the website articles and pick out some of the best. But before I give you my favourites, I’d just like to wish all the farmingfriends visitors, readers and customers a very prosperous New Year. … Read more

Rogationtide Walk

This year our village is going to do a rogationtide walk. Traditionally this involved walking the boundary to the village, (way before maps were printed) and beating the bounds so that everyone knew where the boundaries where. Children seemed to get a rough deal as they were often dragged through hedges, beaten at a specific … Read more

Burnby Vintage Day At Burnby Grange

On Sunday we went to Steve’s Uncle’s Vintage Day at Burny Grange. Some of the locals had brought their vintage tractors and crawlers to the field at the foot of the Wolds and were ploughing the field. You can watch the video clip to see an Alice tractor driving the foster threshing machine and attached … Read more

Easter Activities

Here are a few Easter activities you can do at home: Grow some cress in an egg shell and decorate the shell. Make and decorate paper baskets. Decorate eggs – paint the egg shell, splatter paint the shell using an old tooth brush. Do an Easter Egg hunt. Make easter nest buns. Decorate old long … Read more

News From The Farm January 2010

Here is a quick round up of news from the farm since the end of last year and through January 2010. The cows are in the fold yard and we have had about 4 calves born this year already. We did have a calf that wasn’t digesting food well and I cared for it but … Read more

Happy New Year From Farming Friends

I just wanted to wish all the readers of farmingfriends a Happy New Year. Thanks for all your support, custom and contributions over the last year. I look forward to chatting with via email, website comment and farmingfriends forum and for those of you who are into twitter and facebook you can connect with Farming … Read more

Christmas Greetings 2009 From Farming Friends

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Thanks to all the readers of farmingfriends and those who have contributed comments, guest posts and photographs to the website. You help to make this a great community. I would also like to thank the many customers who have bought hatching eggs, poultry books and eBooks … Read more