Candling Duck Eggs

I have been asked about candling duck eggs. I haven’t candled eggs myself before but I think it is a good idea so that you can check the eggs are fertile, see the development of the embryo and discard any infertile eggs. I have read that it is ok to candle duck eggs from day … Read more

Colour Of Duck Eggs

Well I now have a real mix of ducks and drake here on the farmingfriends farm! I have 11 khaki campbells (2 drakes and 9 ducks – one is a doubled breasted khaki) They lay white eggs. I have a pair of magpie ducks (1 drake & 1 duck) and I think they lay blue/green … Read more

Will Concrete Flooring Or 1/2″ Chicken Mesh Hurt Ducks Feet?

I have been asked if concrete flooring or 1/2″ chicken mesh will hurt ducks feet. I live in an area with alot of raccoons….and due to lack of forage, have to move the duck pen around alot….Will it hurt them to walk on 1/2″chicken mesh and concrete?? Linda I know that concrete can give them … Read more

Duck With a Limp

I am often asked about what may have caused a duck to limp. It can be quite common for a duck to have a limp, as quite a few of the members on the farmingfriends duck forum have had a duck with a limp. Reasons for a duck limping: It can sometimes be due to … Read more

Cayuga Duck Breed

I have a cayuga drake so have been reading up about the cayuga breed. The cayuga breed of duck originates from the USA. Cayuga are a table breed. The cayuga has black plumage with a green/purple sheen on the feathers. The cayuga’s bill and webs are black. Cayuga ducks can lay about 100 eggs a year. … Read more

Helping Weak Khaki Campbell Duckling

Jim sent an email asking for some advice about his newly hatched duckling who was very weak. “hi Sara Just a quick question, one of the ducklings that has hatched cant seem to stand up, hes flapping his little wings and his legs seem very strong, he wasnt help out of the egg although it … Read more

Duck Treats

I have been sent an email from Jim asking about duck treats, “Hi Sara, I have a question…we have two runner ducks that were abandoned…we gave them a garden spot to live thinking we only needed to worry about coyotes….my wife was on the way to feed our dogs…and heard a commotion…upon investigation she saw … Read more