Buffaload Robotic Palletisers By James Gulliver – Guest Appearance

An article written by James Gulliver about the Buffaload palletising robots. Farmers have always suffered from labour problems but some of these issues could be solved by the advances in the field of palletising robots. Buffaload, a company leading the stampede have had many successful palletising robot installations for agricultural use and have big plans for … Read more

Plastic Wheelbarrow

Dad has given me a plastic wheel barrow which is great. I am using the wheel barrow daily to move the pig muck about the farm. The plastic wheel barrow is a great asset as the muck can often affect metal wheel barrows but the plastic barrow can be easily washed.

Mucking Out Fork

It was my birthday in early December and as you know I got a mucking out shovel! So what do you think I got for Christmas? Again it wasn’t perfume, jewellery nor flowers, yes you guessed it, it was a matching mucking out fork that goes with my mucking out shovel! Like the shovel, the … Read more

Mucking Out Shovel

It was my birthday in early December and what do you think my husband bought me? No – not flowers, nor perfume or jewellery. Yes it’s that gift that every farmer’s wife needs, the mucking out shovel! Although it was a slightly unusual birthday gift, it was needed and does come in very handy. I … Read more

Mucking Out

The rain has come today so the farmers have taken the time to muck out the heifer barn ready for the Winter occupancy. Mucking out requires; Removal of the muck from the barn with the loader. Loading the muck onto the trailer. Transporting muck to field. Power washing machinery. Cattle Mucking OutCattle, Mucking Out

The Combine Harvester

  Our combine harvester is working very hard at the moment. It has been harvesting; oilseed rape / canola, barley, and will soon be harvesting wheat. When the combine harvester leaves the farm yard I am always reminded of the Combine Harvester Song by The Wurzels. Arable Crops Barley Canola Combine Harvester Farm Machinery Harvest … Read more

Tractor Usage – Part 2

A tractor is a very important machine on a farm today as it is able to turn it’s engine to many jobs! Power Harrow The power harrow is attached to the back of the tractor and is used to level the soil out and cultivate the land. Baler The baler is used to package the hay … Read more

Tractor Usage – Part 1

A tractor is a very important machine on a farm today as it is able to turn it’s engine to many jobs! Crop Spraying       The crop sprayer can be attached to the tractor and allows the farmer to spray the crops with herbicides, fungicides or insecticides. Planting Crops – Seed Potatoes     … Read more