The Final Sugar Beet Harvest

With the closure of the York Sugar Beet Factory in February 2007, our farm will no longer be growing sugar beet. This year’s crop was the final sugar beet crop on our farm. We harvested the sugar beet in January 2007. Watch the video clip of our final sugar beet harvest. The sugar beet harvester … Read more

The Sugar Beet Harvester

The whole of the sugar beet crop is harvested by machine – the sugar beet harvester. First the tops are cut off – the tops are either saved and used for livestock feeding or returned to the ground. The roots are then lifted from the soil usually using a pair of sharp edged wheels which … Read more

The Baler

  The baler packages the hay or straw into bales. Bales are either round or rectangular. The baler in the photograph produces round bales. Baling is done because it is easier to handle the hay and straw. Large bales are moved by forklifts. The round baler produces cylindrical bales of 1.2m wide by 1.2/1.5m diameter. The round bales can … Read more

Crop Sprayers

  Chemicals are applied to crops mainly as liquid (water based) solutions using a crop sprayer. The liquid is applied as fine droplets to give an even cover to the crops. A problem farmers often encounter when spraying is spray drift. It is important to make sure that the weather conditions are right for spraying. … Read more

Farm Machinery

Here is the farm machinery used on this farm. The Tractors           The Sugar Beet / Fodder Beet Harvester The Silage Feeder    The Irrigator and Irrigator Hose    The Forklift with Bucket The Sprayer    The Baler   No Tags