Mischievous Piglets Lock Owner In Barn!

If anyone tells you that pigs are not intelligent then I wouldn’t believe them. Since I have been keeping pigs in the last year I have witnessed many things that lead me to believe that pigs are intelligent. (I’ll leave them for another post!) I have 7 remaining piglets that are nearly 11 weeks old. … Read more

Guest Appearance – 19 Fine Days By Bruce

Trisha from Bird Table News has kindly shared her brother’s farming memories with me. Bruce has written a number of farming stories which I am going to post. This post is entitled 19 Fine Days and was first published in the Burton Fleming newsletter in 2004. Bruce’s farming memories will not only transport you back … Read more

Farming Story – The Runaway Bullock

My husband’s family have lived in our village for many years and his grandparents were often seen at key events, so as the new farmer’s wife I felt it was my duty to continue with the family tradition of attending the village functions. The harvest festival service at the church was to be my first public appearance, however … Read more