Farming Stories

Do you have a farming story that you would like to share? It could be early memories of life on a farm, farming anecdotes from now or bygone times, a memorable visit to a farm or anything else related to farming. Just send your story via the contact form on the contact page  with details of who has written … Read more

Pigeon Chick & ‘Hoofed’ It

This afternoon’s activities where disrupted by an almighty noise which came from the herd of cows in the fold yard. The bellows and snorts that could be heard, suggested that they were not happy. I thought that the guinea fowl had decided to foolishly venture into the fold yard to antagonise the cattle, as they like to do … Read more

Someone’s On Our Land!

A few nights ago we received a phone call from one of our neighbouring farming friends who told my husband that a vehicle was parked up near our sugar beet field and a couple of blokes where eyeing up the beet machine. Why anyone would be interested in the old sugar beet machine is beyond … Read more