Farm Crisis Network Silent Auction

The Farm Crisis Network will be launching a silent auction in Yorkshire at the Countryside Live Show on Saturday 25th October in order to raise funds to continue their work in supporting the farming community. Helen Benson, FCN’s Yorkshire Coordinator said, ” We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors and hope the … Read more Farm Crisis Network Silent Auction

Farming Work

Now that it is not raining, the land work has resumed. In the last few days my husband has been busy with the farm work. He has been: combining, bailing, drying corn, muck spreading, ploughing, power harrowing, drilling rape, rolling It is important to get the wheat & barley crops combined before they ruin and the … Read more Farming Work

Guest Appearance – Efficient Farming By John Gossop

John Gossop is an East Yorkshire farmer with over 45 years experience, author of the blog Peakfood and avid researcher of threats to food production. I am pleased to say that he has written a thought provoking article for farmingfriends entitled Efficient Farming. Modern farms, with their giant tractors and gleaming machinery give the impression of being highly … Read more Guest Appearance – Efficient Farming By John Gossop