Strawberry Picking On Strawberry Farm

This week I was shown round the local strawberry and raspberry farm by the owner. It was interesting to see the different varieties of strawberries at the different stages of growth and how they are grown. The strawberries are grown in poly tunnels and have been planted in grow bags and then placed on a … Read more

Harvesting Medlars

This weekend I harvested the medlars on our tree. Medlars can be harvested at the end of October and through November. Once harvested the fruit should be left in a box in a cool dry place until they turn a dark reddish brown and become soft and juicy. This ripening process is known as “bletting” … Read more

Raspberry Canes Planted

Back in November 2007 I received some raspberry canes as a gift from my cousin and his wife as a thank you for letting them stay with us in the Summer when they were over from Australia. We planted the canes and added some straw on top of the soil to help retain moisture, keep the weeds … Read more

Strawberry Plants – Green Thumb Sunday

Although the recommendation is to plant strawberry plants in late Autumn, I have just planted three elsanta strawberry plants that I recently purchased from a local garden centre. Which variety of strawberries do you grow? Any advice on how to look after the strawberry plants through the Winter would be appreciated. Green Thumb Sunday Logo … Read more

Damson Chutney

At the weekend I made damson chutney following the excellent recipe from Fiona @ The Cottage Smallholder. Here are the ingredients in the pan before the four hour simmer! This is the ingredients after a four hour simmer. Here is a jar of the damson chutney. This damson chutney looks delicious – my thanks go to … Read more

Nutritional Value Of Apples

Apples are a fruit that are a good source of; vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and dietary fibre. The nutritional value of apples will vary slightly depending on the variety and size of the apple. Other Health Benefits Low in calories. No cholesterol in apples. No sodium in apples. Click on the image … Read more

Apples In The Orchard – Green Thumb Sunday

We have a beautiful old cooking apple tree in our orchard and at this time of year it is laden with apples. This photograph of the apples on the tree is one of my favourite photographs. I will be using these apples to make apple crumble – my favourite, but what is your favourite apple … Read more

The Nutritional Value Of Plums

The Nutritional Value Of Plums Plums are a fruit that are a good source of; vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2, potassium, and dietary fibre. Other Health Benefits Assists with the absorption of iron. A source of antioxidants. Can act as a laxative. Food Fruit Nutritional Value PlumsFood, Fruit, Nutritional Value, Plums

Seasonal Food For September

Seasonal food for September as recommended by FARMA includes: Apples Blackberries Beetroot Broccoli Cabbages Carrots Cauliflowers Courgettes Cucumbers French Beans Kohl Rabi Mange Tout Marrows Onions Peas Plums Potatoes Raspberries Runner Beans Spinach Strawberries Sugar Snaps Sweetcorn Turnips FARMA is the UK’s National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association. It “is a co-operative of farmers, producers selling … Read more