Gardening Gift Ideas

It was my dad’s birthday today (Sunday) and he was thrilled to receive his gardening gift. A few months ago, I decided that I would give my dad some vegetable plants that I had grown from seed myself. Although this gift doesn’t cost alot in terms of money, the time and effort spent preparing the … Read more

Pruning Roses – Green Thumb Sunday

Pruning roses is our gardening job at the moment. My husband has found that if he prunes the roses, they flourish and flower in the Summer months and produce beautiful displays like this rose archway. We look forward to seeing these beautiful roses that arch the entrance to our garden. What flowers are you looking forward … Read more

Raised Beds

Mum and Dad have bought me some raised beds which we have decided to use since the vegetable garden was flooded in Spring 2007. They bought me three link-a-bord raised beds from Harrod Horticultural. The raised beds are 3m by 1m. They are really easy to put together and fit in the garden well. In fact there … Read more

The Pyramid Slug Trap

I have just purchased the pyramid slug trap from TopVeg as a gift for a gardening friend. Although I am yet to see the product in use, I would like to praise TopVeg for their speedy delivery of this item. I look forward to reviewing this product when my gardening friend has the pyramid slug … Read more

The Vegetable Garden Under Attack

In days gone by our farmhouse vegetable patch was brimming with rows of veggies. It was my husband’s Grandad’s domain and he was very proud of it. Every year he would enter his veggies into the village show and if he didn’t have any fine specimens then it has been said that he would nip … Read more

Acorns – Green Thumb Sunday

I love this Autumnal photograph of the acorn. An acorn is the fruit of an oak tree. The oak tree is one of my favourite trees. What is your favourite tree? Join Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As The Garden Grows for more information.