Farm Animal Penpal Testimonial

The Farming Friends farm animal penpal scheme enables the penpal recipient to learn about farm animals in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Farm Animal Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the farm animal penpal. A photograph of the farm animal penpal. A birthday card from the farm … Read more

Farm Animal Facts

I have been tagged for eight random facts, by 2GreenThumbsUp, who said,” Because I enjoy reading these blogs and I haven’t seen any evidence of previous meme participation, I’m tagging…… Sara at Farming Friends – I’m just getting to know the animals on her farm.” Since 2GreenThumbsUp is just getting to know my animals I thought that I … Read more

Farm Animals

Favourite Farm Animal Poll Which is your favourite farm animal? This was the poll that farmingfriends has been running for the past two months. The categories included cattle, chickens, sheep, guinea fowl, pigs, ducks, goats, horses, geese and turkeys. In a 2 month period 145 people voted – thanks to everyone who voted. The results … Read more

Mystery Animal Puzzle

Mystery Animal Puzzle  Can you guess the identity of the mystery animals in the pictures?                 Look at the photographs carefully for clues to the identity of the animals. Click on the pictures to enlarge the image for a better look! At the bottom of the page you will find an alphabetical list of the mystery … Read more

Morning Livestock Duties In Autumn And Winter

When a farm has livestock there are certain jobs that have to be done at certain times of the day and certain times of the year. The Farming Friends livestock consists of; Poultry – white leghorn hen and guinea fowl. Fattening beef cattle. Breeding beef cattle. British saddleback pigs. Each morning the following jobs need … Read more

Favourite Farm Animal Poll

I started a favourite farm animal poll with only four categories. Poultry Sheep Cattle Pigs Having received a number of comments stating that the readers were finding it difficult to choose which was their favourite farm animal, me included and that some of their favourites were missing, I have decided to widen the categories to include … Read more

Farmyard Sounds

Can you identify the following sounds of the farmingfriends farmyard? Click on the Audio Mp3 icons to listen to the farmingfriends farmyard sounds. Farmyard Sound 1 Download link  Farmyard Sound 2 Download link  Farmyard Sound 3 Download link  Farmyard Sound 4 Download link  Farmyard Sound 5 Download link  Farmyard Sound 6 Download link  Farmyard Sound 7 … Read more