What Frightens Farm Animals?

Farm animals can sometimes get frightened but what is it that frightens them? Sudden movement. Sudden noise. Unfamiliar people. Loud noises. Approaching animals from behind. Lack of routine. Prodding animals. Bumping or shoving animals. Lack of space. Excitable human behaviour. Farm animals need to be managed and handled with care at all times. Animal ManagementAnimal Management

Newborn Calves From 2007

Normally we manage to get most of our cows to calve around about the same time but this year the calving period has been more widespread. Here are pictures of some of the newborn calves and their mothers from this year’s (2007) calving season. January’s Calf February’s Calf March’s Calf April’s Calf A number of our … Read more

Farm Animal Family Names

Different family members in farm animal groups have different names. Cattle Male = Bull Female = Cow Offspring Male = Bull Calf Offspring Female = Heifer Calf Chickens Male = Cockerel / Rooster Female = Hen Young Chicken = Pullet Offspring = Chick Ducks Male = Drake Female = Duck Offspring = Duckling Geese Male = Gander … Read more