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Guest Post – BeeKeeping By James @ The Surrey BeeKeeper

| May 19, 2010

I recently got chatting via twitter with James who is starting out in beekeeping. His website, The Surrey Beekeeper is a diary of James’ discovery of bees and beekeeping, but before you head across to the Surrey Beekeeper, here is a taster of how James got into beekeeping, so sit back and enjoy and I [...]

Guest Appearance -Blind Visit By Alice

| October 24, 2007

I thoroughly enjoy reading a lovely website called A Growing Delight and learning all about life in Australia through the eyes of Alice and her family. Alice belongs to a writing group and back in August she wrote the story you are about to read for her writing group. She has kindly sent me her wonderful heart-warming story [...]

Guest Appearance With A Difference!

| October 15, 2007

Every Monday I try to post a guest appearance farming story that I have been sent by one of my readers. Today’s guest appearance is a little different as I wanted to share the thrilling news that I have actually had one of my farming stories posted as a guest spot on another site. Curtis from Growing Thumbs, [...]

Guest Appearance – Shelburne Farm By Drew

| October 8, 2007

Every Sunday I write a post linked to gardening and nature as part of Green Thumb Sunday and over the weeks I have visited lots of excellent sites, learnt many gardening facts and viewed stunning photography that has left me inspired. One of the sites I visit every week and am in awe of is [...]

Guest Appearance – Giving The Pigs A Treat By Steve

| October 1, 2007

This weeks guest appearance is a true story from my husband Steve’s childhood, although he won’t want his family to know as he told me that I am the first person he has ever told this story to – let’s just hope that they are not reading this right now! When I was a young [...]

Guest Appearance – Milk Cow On The Farm By Curtis

| September 24, 2007

Curtis @ Growing Thumbs has been gardening for almost 20 years and his website is full of gardening tips and tricks he has learnt along the way. We have become blogpals via comments left on each other’s sites and I recently learnt that Curtis lives near his grandparent’s farm and thought that he might have some [...]

Guest Appearance – Busman’s Holiday By Louise

| September 17, 2007

I recently visited This Is My Patch – a lovely website that records the sights, sounds and events in Louise’s “patch” in West Sussex. We have regularly been commenting on each other’s sites and I was delighted when I received an email entitled farming story from Louise. Excitedly I opened the email to reveal the bold heading -A [...]

Guest Appearance – Bronte The Dog By Sally

| September 10, 2007

Recently my in laws decided to take a day trip to Sunk Island and came back saying what a lovely place it was and how it was worth a trip. It was then that I came across this new website Sunk Island where I was able to find out about what life and farming life is like for [...]

Thoughtful Blogger Award

| September 5, 2007

Thanks to The Cottage Smallholder for this wonderful award and kind words. Fiona said the farmingfriends “blog is a real down to earth breath of fresh air. I have learnt so much from it as it is packed with useful, highly readable interesting information. Sara co hosted our Interblog Guinea Fowl Breeding Event.” As you [...]

Guest Appearance – Moo By BoggyWoggy

| September 3, 2007

My regular reader and blogpal Boggywoggy from Oregon and I share a passion for animals especially guinea fowl. I found BoggyWoggy’s site on Technorati when I searched for guinea fowl and over the last few months have corresponded via comments on each others site. I always love reading BoggyWoggy’s comments as they are both complimentary and [...]