Female Guinea Fowl Call

Ever wondered what a female guinea fowl sounds like?  Well now’s your chance to hear one! Watch the video to see and hear the female guinea fowl call. Female guinea fowl can make 2 types of call. The 1 syllable call can also be made by the males and sounds like, ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, … Read more

Understanding Guinea Fowl

  Guinea Fowl are more active than chickens. They are not so easily tamed. Guinea fowl require a dry environment. They need plenty of room. If confined, give guineas as much room as possible (0.2/0.3 square metres per bird). These birds are very good runners. They are strong flyers, but they do prefer to run. … Read more

Reasons For Keeping Guinea Fowl

I think that guinea fowl are fantastic birds. They have beautiful plumage, a quirky nature and there is never a dull moment with them in the farmyard. Why Keep Guinea Fowl? The birds can be used to protect the farm because of their loud cry. Guinea fowl help to reduce the insect population in vegetable … Read more

Origins Of The Guinea Fowl

  Wild guinea fowl originate from Africa. Their name derives from the place called Guinea on Africa’s West coast. There are many species and subspecies of guinea fowl that are currently recognised. Domestic guinea fowl are descended from one of the wild species (Numida Meleagris). Guinea fowl were domesticated thousands of years ago. These birds were … Read more

Feather Picking And Cannibalism In Poultry

Poultry love to peck and spend their day doing so. Toe picking and feather picking (cannibalism) are common vices in chicks and adult birds. Chicks tend to peck at other birds toes whilst adult birds peck at the necks and rumps of other birds. Causes Of Feather Picking Poor nutrition (lack of protein). Lack of greens … Read more

Guinea Fowl Behaviour

Guinea Fowl are part of the pheasant family. They have beautiful plummage and unusual  heads. Their behaviour is fascinating to watch. 1) Guinea fowl like to flock together and hang about in a group. 2) They do not like to be alone. 3) These birds like to eat together. 4) Male guinea fowl like to … Read more

Biosecurity – Protect Your Poultry From Bird Flu

With the news of an outbreak of bird flu of the H5N1 strain in Britain, it is important that the UK poultry farmers, small-holders and henkeepers have the correct biosecurity measures in place. Food containers should be kept inside or protected from wild bird contact. Water containers should be kept indoors and protected from wild … Read more

Feeding Guinea Fowl

My guinea fowl feed daily on a mix of; layers pellets & wheat When they free range they also eat; apples sugar beet fodder beet seeds nettles grass insects berries grain I have found that my guinea fowl like to feed in the open so that they can flock together. When they wander into the … Read more

Deciding To Keep Poultry

Keeping poultry is my hobby and gives me great pleasure as well as the added bonus of fresh eggs on a daily basis. However looking after poultry, like any livestock or pets for that matter, takes time, effort and commitment. Things to consider before keeping poultry. Do you have time to feed, water and egg collect … Read more