Guinea Pig Insurance

I have a pet guinea pig and although Guiness the guinea pig is in good health, he is nearly 5 years old so I am considering getting some guinea pig pet insurance. Pet insurance plans can include: plans for basic sickness, plans for basic injury expenses, deluxe plans to cover nearly every type of illness, … Read more

Animal Facts

Here are some of the amazing random animal facts I have observed and learnt whilst living on the farm; Cats don’t like to get their feet wet. When cats are poorly they prefer tuna fish to milk. Saddleback pigs love having their bodies rubbed. Guinea pigs squeak if they want something. Cattle love eating crushed barley. Guinea fowl … Read more

Guiness The Guinea Pig

My guinea pig is called Guiness. He was a gift from my dear friend Betty and I have now had him for nearly two years. I called him guiness not because of his colouring but because Guiness sounds abit like guinea! He is quite a shy guinea pig (not that you can tell this from … Read more