Hatty The Hen

Hatty the hen is my White Leghorn chicken. She is about 3 years old and she was given to me by one of our kind neighbours along with Hetty in 2004. Unfortunately Hetty is no longer with us but Hatty has befriended the flock of guinea fowl and when she isn’t finding somewhere new to … Read more

Chicken Penpal

Farming Friends Chicken Penpal is a penpal scheme that enables the penpal recipient to learn about chickens in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Chicken Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the chicken penpal. A photograph of the chicken penpal. A birthday card from the chicken penpal. A Christmas card from the chicken penpal.   Buy the Farming Friends Chicken Penpal … Read more

Are Hens Seen as Pets?

During the dog chasing my hen and guinea fowl incident on Tuesday, one of the offending dog walkers claimed that there was nothing to worry about when her dog chased my poultry as they were only hens and we were going to eat them anyway. Although I do raise guinea fowl for the table, some of the … Read more