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Spinach Beet Growing In Veg Garden & How To Use It

| June 15, 2010

I have been growing spinach beet in the veg garden this year for the very first time. The leaves have started to get big and so I asked Topveg when I could start to harvest the spinach beet leaves. Once I knew that the leaves were ready to harvest I wasn’t sure how to use [...]

How To Grow Pea Shoots

| April 23, 2010

Everyone seems to be talking about growing and eating pea shoots. Heard Holly Willoughby on This Morning this week say that she loves pea shoots. Farming Friends & TopVeg have now collaborated to create a How To Grow Pea Shoots growing card. The TopVeg website always provide me with excellent seed sowing information. If you [...]

Vegetable Gardening April 2010

| April 10, 2010

Today (Saturday) has been a gloriously sunny April day so I decided to get out in the veg garden. My veg garden has been abit of a disgrace so this year I am making a concerted effort to keep on top of the dreaded nettles! A few weeks ago I planted broad beans, peas, runner [...]

How To Grow Carrots From Seed Instructions

| March 15, 2010

The TopVeg website always provide me with excellent seed sowing information. Farming Friends & TopVeg have now collaborated to create a How To Grow Carrots growing card. If you would like this document as a pdf, just contact farmingfriends and I will email you the document. I intend to print off copies and then laminate [...]

What To Do With Beetroot

| August 29, 2009

If you have a glut of beetroot and don’t know what to do with it then here are a few suggestions: Boiled beetroot. Roast beetroot. Pickled Beetroot. Jellied Beetroot. Grated raw beetroot in a salad. Make beetroot hummus. Beetroot soup. Caramelised beetroot. Beetroot juice. Beetroot chutney. Thinly sliced beetroot fried to make beetroot crisps. Let [...]

Hessian Potato Sacks Available From TopVeg

| August 7, 2009

I am delighted to announce that TopVeg are now selling hessian bags or sacks for potatoes. The sacks are: 50 x 80cm – not too heavy to lift. ideal for storing potatoes, onions and garlic – allowing them to breathe and they do not sweat. easy for the air to circulate through them. each sack [...]

Caramelised Beetroot

| August 6, 2009

Made caramelised beetroot to accompany beef burgers, mash, carrots and sugar snap peas and it was delicious, so thought I would share the recipe. Ingredients 1 large beetroot 2 tablespoons of sugar 1 tablesppoon of balsamic vinegar Olive oil Method Peel and cut up the beetroot into about 8 pieces. Boil the water. Place beetroot [...]

Sowing Herb Seeds In March

| March 29, 2009

As the weather brightens up many of us head into the garden to sow seeds. If you are interested in cooking, then growing your own herbs in the garden, a raised bed or containers is a good idea. Here are a few herbs whose seeds can be sown in March, so with a lovely Spring [...]

How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook For Sale

| December 19, 2008

How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook is now on sale for all you keen gardeners and cooking enthusiasts that want to produce a herb garden or grow your own herbs for cooking. At a cost of only £3.50 the How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook will provide you with information about: how to [...]

Topveg Visits Farming Friends

| November 5, 2008

Topveg giftTowards the end of October, Sally from Topveg visited the farmingfriends farm. As some of you will already know Topveg and I have been in collaboration, making Vegetable and Herb growing cards. We got together in let October to organise putting together a Growing Cards book, so watch this space for news about this [...]